Gilmerton Village

But NOT Gilmerton, Edinburgh!


 Gilmerton Village  -  early 1900s

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Gilmerton Village

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Robert Howard, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland


Gilmerton Village

The postcard above has not been sent through the post and has no publisher's name.  The owner believes that it was probably published between about 1900 and 1910.




After adding this postcard to the web site, I received the following message from Ann Valentine who used to live in Gilmerton Edinburgh.  Ann wrote:

"The photo of Gilmerton church is not Gilmerton, Edinburgh, EH17"

I don't know how many other Gilmertons there are.  I think that the Gilmerton in the photograph above may be the village on the A85, between Crieff and Perth, in Perthshire, Scotland.




Pat Allgood added:

"I've just bought a postcard of Gilmerton showing the church which is the same as in your postcard.  The caption reads: '

' The sma glen road, Gilmerton village near Crief '.

I hope this helps, although someone else is bound to have already e-mailed you."

Pat Allgood, Burghead, Moray, Scotland:  April 20, 2008


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