Grosvenor Hotel

5-22 Grosvenor Street, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Now the 'Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel'


 The Grosvenor Hotel -  Possibly around 1930 - based on the car parked outside.

 Grosvenor Hotel, 5-22 Grosvenor Street, Edinburgh  -  Photograph taken perhaps around 1930

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Malcolm Cant, Edinburgh


Grosvenor Hotel

Around 1930?

The postcard above has not been sent through the post.  It has no publisher's name or date, but judging by the car in the otherwise empty state, my estimate is that the photo may have been taken around 1930.  If you have a better estimate, please e-mail me- Thank you


Here is a  postcard by Valentine using photographs taken in 1957.

   Grosvenor Hotel, 5-22 Grosvenor Street, Edinburgh  -  Photographs taken 1957


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