United Free Church

Built as Mayfield Free Church, 1876-1879

On the corner of Mayfield Road and West Mayfield  -  1904

Mayfield United Free Church

  William Mearns, Church Manager, Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church


Mayfield United Free Church

Mayfield United Free Church was built 1876-79.  The architect was Hippolyte J Blanc, who went on to become President of Edinburgh Photographic Society from 1888 to 1891.

This photograph is taken from a postcard by an unidentified publisher.  The card was posted on June 10, 1904.  The writer wrote that the 'x' (in ink on the front of the card) indicated the manse.  There is a horse and cart in the street nearby.

Here is another image of the church, this one taken from the journal, The Building News, August 17, 1894.

Mayfield Free Church


Mayfield Church

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