Old Waverley Hotel

43 Princes Street


Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Old Waverley Hotel, 43 Princes Street, Edinburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Malcolm Cant, Edinburgh


Old Waverley Street

43 Princes Street

The Hotel

Cranston's Old Waverley Hotel was a temperance Hotel on the corner of Princes Street and South St David Street, across the road from Jenners' Department Store.


The corner shop on the ground floor of Princes Street belonged to Lennie, an optician that also sold photogrpahic equipment.  Lennie's shop was on this corner of Princes Street from 1856 until 1921.

G W Wilson

It was from Cranston's Old Waverley Hotel that the Aberdeen Photographer, George Washington Wilson took his 'instantaneous views' on his visits to Edinburgh between 1859 and 1864. 

These were described as 'instantaneous' because the exposures were short enough to capture passers by as individual figures, rather than as blurs, on his photos.

 Princes Street - 1860

    Photogrraph of Waverley at the East End of Princes Street  -  by George Washington Wilson

The Postcard

No publisher's name or date appears on the postcard at the top of this page, and it has not been sent through the post.  I don't know who published this card or when.


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