Polar Ices

Selling ice creams from a van near Crewe Toll

Dougie Walker, aged 14, leaning out of the ice cream van

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Lettice, Leith, Edinburgh




Rab Lettice


Thank you to Rab Lettice who wrote:

Ice Cream Vans

"The ice cream vans that were about in our area, West Pilton, Crewe and Muirhouse sold Polar Ices.  The vans were owned by the Dobbie brothers who had a factory in Stockbridge.

Once another company tried to muscle in with their Capaldi van, but when that van turned up, there were two Polar Ices vans beside it.  It got chased out of the area."

Rab Lettice, Edinburgh:  March 23, 2011


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