Fettes Row

Fettes Row is one of the streets that crosses Dundas Street about half a mile to the north of Princes Street.  It lies on the northern edge of Edinburgh New Town.

Fettes Row  -  Looking west from Dundas Street

Around 1970

Fettes Row, Edinburgh - 1970s
©  John Knight, Edinburgh                                                                                                                                          Photo taken:  1970s


Fettes Row

Thank you to John Knight for sending me six photos taken in the 1970s before conservation work really got underway in Fettes Row and before the  new developments were built to the north of Fettes Row.

The photo above is one of these photos.

John wrote:

Looking west from Dundas Street

    Fettes Row, Edinburgh - 1970s ©

"This view shows the west terrace prior to the construction of the present ill-assorted blocks of flats on the north side.

The building half way along with the pediment was Martin & Frost’s workshop.  The boxy building at the end constructed in the 1960’s was the office of Breck’s the plumbers.

The building behind with the curvy gable was the Grand Theatre/Cinema in St Stephen Street, latterly Tiffany’s then  Cinderella Rockerfella's dance hall before it burnt down."

John Knight, Edinburgh:  January 2+5, 2012




Alan Dunnett

Berwick, Berwickshire, England

Thank you to Allan Dunnett who worked for Auto Sales from the age of 16 in 1963, for commenting on this photo.

Alan wrote:

Looking west from Dundas Street to

Auto Sales

    Fettes Row, Edinburgh - 1970s ©

"The building on the right in this photo was Auto Sales' Showroom.  The dark building nearest the camera was the workshop.

The building had originally been the Runwell Bicycle Factory.  When I worked for Auto Sales, there were still a few wrapped metal mudguards behind the entry door!"

Alan Dunnett, Berwick, Berwickshire, Scotland:  November 10, 2013


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