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Gilmerton Road

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Gilmerton Road

Gilmerton Road  -  Street lighting at night

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Photo from Edinburgh Street Lighting Collection SL/90/8.  Photo Ref.  General Electric Co Ltd, Publicity Dept, Photo 13585


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      Gilmerton Road  -  Street lighting at night


Gilmerton Road


This photo is one of two night views of Edinburgh taken for the General Electric Co Ltd Publicity Dept and now held in the Edinburgh City Archive collection.

The other is a night view is of Comiston Road Edinburgh, dated February 3, 1937.

Comiston Road

    Comiston Road near Fairmilehead -  Street lighting at night

It appears to show similar lighting and I suspect would have been taken at around the same time, possibly soon after the street lights had been installed.

A note on the back of the Colinton photo gives some details about the street lights.  I've interpreted these with the help of Steven Oliver.  (See also 'Reply 1'.)

-  250w. Mercury Vapour

-  25 ft steel column

-  6 ft bracket

-  Oscia lantern




Steven Oliver

Duns, Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Steven Oliver for helping me to interpret the notes on the back of the photo above, and for adding the following comment which confirms that the photo above is likely to have been taken soon after the new lights had  been installed in at Gilmerton Road.:

Type of Lighting

"The type of column being referred to above will be one of the Mackenzie and Moncur slimline columns.  These were made up of 25ft steel shafts and 6ft cast-iron brackets and were installed from the 1930s until the mid-1950s on main roads and housing estates."

Mercury Lighting

"Mercury lighting is still used in Edinburgh today, mostly on the railing-stop lanterns in the New Town, but also on some side streets and in Duddingston Village."

Gilmerton Road

"Gilmerton Road was lit by these columns from Nether Liberton to the old No.3 bus terminus at the city boundary.  These dated from 1937 and lasted until 1971."

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  January 22, 2011



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    Gilmerton Road  -  Street lighting at night


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