21 Greenside Row

Behind the Omni Centre and beneath the western slopes of Calton Hill


Outside No 21 Greenside Row

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to
Sylvia Wilson, (née Murray), Northamptonshire, England.


21 Greenside Row


Outside No 21

Thank you to Sylvia Wilson (née Murray) now living in Northamptonshire, England for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of her mother Euphemia ( Effie ) Murray, née Bowers, and her baby sister, taken outside their home at 21 Greenside Row in 1940.

Sylvia's mother is still alive, now in her 90th year, but sadly Sylvia's baby sister has passed on.


Sylvia Wilson and her mother would like to see more photos of the tenements in Greenside Row.  If you know of any, please email me, then I'll pass on the news to Sylvia.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  December 18, 2008

Acknowledgement:  Sylvia Wilson (née Murray), Northamptonshire, England:  December 16+18, 2008


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