Shops in the

High Street

Part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile

June 16, 1961

Photograph taken by Charles W Cushman in 1961 - Looking to the west along Princes Street from Waverley

  Indiana University, Charles W Cushman Collection                                                                                              Archive ID:  P12325


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   Photograph taken by Charles W Cushman in 1961 - Shop in the High Street, part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile


Shops in the High Street


This photo was taken on Kodachrome film by amateur photographer, Charles W Cushman (1896-1972) from the USA during his visit to Edinburgh in 1961.

The photo was taken on June 16, 1961, looking down the High Street.  The shops are on the south side of the street, a short distance below the junction with South Bridge.  Cant's Close (No 70)  was close to this point, possibly hidden behind the steps. 

Scandic Crown Hotel, a 6-storey, 238 bedroom hotel, was built on this site in 1989 in a style to match some of the old buildings in Edinburgh's Royal Mile. The hotel was sold in 2004 and is now Radisson SAS Hotel.

The High Street

The High Street is part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, between the George IV Bridge and the Netherbow where the gates to the walled city of Edinburgh once stood.

The High Street has many historic buildings including:

-  John Knox house

-  Tron Kirk

-  St Giles Church

-  The City Chambers.


High Street

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