Demolition of Brewery Buildings in

Holyrood Road


Demolition of Brewery Buildings  -  August 6, 1995

Demolition of brewery buildings in Holyrood Road  -  1995

  Copyright:  Ian Scott, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, England


Demolition of Brewery Buildings in Holyrood Road

This site, where the brewery was demolished in the 1990s, lies between:

-  Holyrood Road (where the photo was taken from)
-  Canongate (in the distance)
-  St John's Street and
-  Reid's Close.

The new Scottish Parliament has now been built immediately to the east of this site (out of the picture, on the right).

The school in the background is Royal Mile Primary School in the Canongate.  Here is another photograph of it, taken in 2006:

Royal Mile Primary School (formerly Milton House Public School) from the SW


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