Memorial Plaque

Formerly on the wall of Younger's Brewery

Holyrood Road

Photographed 1986

A Memorial plaque on the wall of Younger's Brewery in Holyrood Road - photographed in 1986.  The building was demolished in 1995.

  Copyright: David Malcolm
North Island, New Zealand


Younger's Brewery,  Holyrood Road

David Malcolm, New Zealand took the photograph, above, of a memorial plaque at Younger's Brewery, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh in 1986.

The brewery was demolished in 1995.



David Malcolm

New Zealand

David wrote:

The Memorial Plaque

"The EdinPhoto site has some photos of the demolition of Youngers Brewery in Holyrood Rd.

Demolition of brewery buildings in Holyrood Road  -  1995

My photo, at the top of this page, is of the memorial plaque that was placed on the Brewery wall, commemorating those employees who lost their lives while serving during WWII.

I took this photo in 1986 while on a visit to Edinburgh.  My uncle's name (Brown R) is on the list."

Where is it Now?

"I have been unable to find the relocation site of the plaque (following the demolition of buildings on this site in 1995).  Maybe another reader of your site can supply that information, which would be greatly appreciated.

In June 2007, I visited my uncle's grave at the war cemetery at Anzio, Italy, a beautifully landscaped and maintained cemetery.

I would like to think that Edinburgh has treated the plaque with similar care."

David Malcolm, North Island, New Zealand:  January 16, 2008

Can You Help?

If you can help to answer David's question, please e-mail me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.    - Peter Stubbs:  January 26, 2008




Jim Bull


Thank you to Jim Bull, Edinburgh who wrote

The Memorial Plaque

"In 1995, I enquired about the re-siting of the plaque and was told that it  was to be relocated to within the Canongate Kirk.

I don't  know whether it has been relocated there or not."

Jim Bull, Edinburgh;  January 28, 2008




David Malcolm

New Zealand

David Malcolm replied:

The Memorial Plaque

"Thank you for including the answer from Jim Bull.  I followed up with a query to the Canongate Kirk via an email.  The response was that the Memorial Plaque is indeed at the Kirk and is situated on the exterior of the west wall  -  a satisfactory solution to a mystery that has plagued me for some time."

David Malcolm, New Zealand:  February 26, 2008




Aaron Winfield

Old Town, Edinburgh

Thank you to Aaron Winfield who wrote:

Memorial Plaques
 now in Canongate Kirk grounds

"Whilst on a day off today, I decided to take a wander through the Canongate Kirk grounds and look for plaques.  Here are three photos that I took in the kirk grounds."

Please click on the links below to see Aaron's photos of these plaques:

World War I Plaque

   Plaque in Canongate Kirk grounds to William Younger employees who died during World War 1

Small      Large

World War II Plaque

   Plaque in Canongate Kirk grounds to William Younger employees who died during World War 2

Small      Large

Both Plaques

   Plaque in Canongate Kirk grounds to William Younger employees who died during World War 1 World War 2

Small      Large

Acknowledgement:  Aaron Winfield, Old Town, Edinburgh:  September 4, 2008


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