Keir Street

A short street leading to the north from
Lauriston Place, opposite Edinburgh Dental Institute

North Side of Keir Street  -  1969

Keir Street, off Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Anita Razzell, Canada, who provided this photo, and her sister who took the photo in 1969.


Keir Street

Thank you to Anita Razzell (née Canale) for providing this photograph of Keir Street, taken in 1969.

Anita wrote:


"Here is a photo of the north side of Keir Street, taken in 1969.  This side of the street has been torn down.  Does anyone know when this happened?"


"My memory of visiting my grandparents in Keir Street is of the music coming from down the street from the BETTY BRANDON SCHOOL OF DANCE. 

Many was the time that the thumping of tap shoes in unison could be heard down the street."

Anita Razzell (née Canale), Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada:  Nov 23 + Dec 5, 2008


Keir Street

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