Lothian Road


Lothian Road and the old Goods Yard

Lothian Road and the old Goods Yard  -  1959

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ally McGurk, from the collected photos taken by  Ally and her father, Thomas M. McGurk


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   Lothian Road and the old Goods Yard  -  1959


Lothian Road

This view looks to the north down Lothian Road, towards the West End of Princes Street.  This photo is one of several that were taken by Thomas M McGurk from the upper deck of a bus on June 20, 1959.


This photo includes:

-  the former Caledonian Railway goods yard, still in use with the Scammel 'Mechanical Horses' in the yard (left, foreground)

-   the Caledonian Hotel, and the roof of Princes Street Station,
(left, background).  Princes Street Station continued to operate until 1965.

-   St John's Church at the West End of Princes Street (right, background)

The Usher Hall, on the eastern side of Lothian Road is just out of the picture on the right.


Most of the buildings in this picture can still be seen today, but the old station yard has been replaced by:

-  a new Head Office for Standard Life and

-  the eastern end of the Western Approach Road, a new road that follows the route of the old railway line from Lothian Road towards Gorgie and Murrayfield stadium.

Thank you to Ally McGurk, daughter of Thomas M McGurk for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  More photos taken by Ally and Thomas can be found on the Flickr web site.


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Lothian Road

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