Lothian Road


The top of Lothian Road, near Tollcross, looking north towards Princes Street

The top of Lothian Road  -  1959

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ally McGurk, from the collected photos taken by  Ally and her father, Thomas M. McGurk


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   The top of Lothian Road  -  1959


Lothian Road

Near Tollcross

This view looks to the north down Lothian Road, towards the West End of Princes Street.  The photo was taken by Thomas M McGurk, from the top of Lothian Road, near Tollcross.  It is one of several photos taken from the top deck of a bus, on June 20, 1959.  The traffic appears to be fairly busy for the 1950s.

The tower of St John's Church at the West End of Princes Street can be seen in the background (centre right).

Ally McGurk who provided this photo adds:

Old Buses

"The old Edinburgh buses didn't have doors like modern ones. If the bus was pulling away from the stop you could run and catch it up - grabbing hold of the vertical metal rail and jumping aboard as it moved off. You could also jump off between stops if it slowed down a bit. Actually, when you think about it, it's not surprising they started installing doors."

Ally McGurk, July 17, 2007

Thank you to Ally McGurk, daughter of Thomas M McGurk for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  More photos taken by Ally and Thomas can be found on the Flickr web site.


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Lothian Road

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