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The Mound


Looking up the Mound  -  late-1950s?

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Photo from Edinburgh Street Lighting Collection SL/90/8.  Photo Ref.  Photo Illustrations Scotland, H62/4


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      Looking up the Mound  -  late-1950s? ©


The Mound

Street Lighting

This photo comes from the Edinburgh Street Lighting Collection held by Edinburgh City Archive.  I assume that the new lamp posts, clearly seen in this photo, have been recently installed.

Date of Photo

The tram tracks are still in place in The Mound, but have been lifted from Princes Street in the foreground.  Trams continued to run in Edinburgh until November 1956, so I would guess that this photo might have been taken around late-1950s.




David King

Trinity, Edinburgh

Thank you to David King who wrote:

Date of Photo

"I think you are probably right about the date of this photo (late-1950s).  The tram lines on the Mound were used right up to November 1956 by the last two services, 23 and 28."

Princes Street

"I think the re-surfacing of Princes Street was done immediately after that Ė they had started before the trams came off, and the 28 had been re-routed up the Mound from Princes Street for its last few months to allow work to progress."

The Mound

"Not only were the tracks on the Mound lifted, but the whole road surface was removed.  Electric heating elements were installed below the new surface, as there were apparently concerns that the buses might not be able to operate in snow.

There was a temperature sensor fixed to a lighting column on the west side of the street, near the Princes Street junction.  I donít know if it turned on the elements automatically or alerted staff. 

Your later picture shows that the heating elements were quite effective.

downup the Mound - around 1960? ©

Over the years they gradually failed, sometimes giving a patchwork effect in snow, and I think the whole thing is now out of use.  Maybe someone else has more information!"

David King, Trinity, Edinburgh:  January 27, 2011


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