Street Photograph

North Bridge



Jim Cairn's Grandfather
(the taller man, on the right)

Probably photographed by a street photographer

Procession of Masons passes along Princes Street to commemorate the Laying of the Foundation Stone for North Bridge, 1896

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Cairns, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland


North Bridge

Thank you to Jim Cairns who wrote:

Street Photo

"This picture of my Grandfather was taken on the North Bridge early in the 1930s.

I think this photo may  have been taken speculatively by a commercial or street photographer?"

Another Photo

Jim also sent me a photograph of his Grandmother, Mary Cairns, and his Auntie Jessie Cockerell, taken on the North Bridge, also in the early-1930s, and possibly taken speculatively by a street photographer.

Please click on his thumbnail image below to enlarge it:

Jim Cairns' Grandmother in North Bridge, early 1930s - possibly photographed by a street photographer

Jim Cairns, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland:  October 9, 2009




Simon Robinson

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Thank you to Simon Robinson who wrote:

'Walking Photographs'

"I've just seen the walking photographs on the EdinPhoto site.  I am  researching the subject of walking photos across the UK. and these are  the first I have seen from Edinburgh  (I have a number from the west  coast, mainly Rothesay.)

Although this trade was widespread in UK seaside resorts (indeed all  over the world) from around 1920 up to 1950 (and lasted even longer in  a few places), some firms did carry on the trade in the bigger cities.

Some took single images, others used old converted cinema cameras to  take a strip of three consecutive images. Generally you got a ticket  and returned to a kiosk or shop later the same day to view and  hopefully buy the print.

Spotlight GB remain something of a mystery** however, and your site is  the first to positively ID a location.  My guess is it may have been  some sort of franchise as I have cards by the firm from some coastal  towns. All the cards by them that I have seen appear to be pre-WW2.

I am preparing a book of the images for later this year, and you can  read about some of the firms on my site"

Simon Robinson, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England:  February 11, 2012

**  Please also see 'Reply 2' below

More 'Walking Photographs'

To see more 'walking photographs' taken in Edinburgh, please click on the North Bridge link below.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 11, 2012




Simon Robinson

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Simon Robinson who wrote again.  Having investigated further, he wrote:

'Walking Photographs'


"I have done some more research and discovered that Spotlight actually went bust in 1937, and as I've not seen any pre-1932 this kind of gives a good date for the images. They also seem to have operated in Folkestone, Derby, and St. Annes"

Simon Robinson, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England:  February 12, 2012


North Bridge

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