Picardy Place

Traffic Roundabout

   Traffic Roundabout at Picardy Place - mid-1980s
Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England                                                                                         Photo taken mid-1980s


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    Traffic Roundabout at Picardy Place - mid-1980s


Picardy Place

Thank you to Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England, for allowing me to reproduce this photo that he took some time around the mid-1980s.

Here, we look down on the large traffic island in Leith Street, at the top of Broughton Street..

Here, we to the NW from Calton Hill.

-  The hills of Fife, the Firth of Forth and three towers of Granton Gas Works can be seen in the background.  Two of these towers have now been demolished.

-  The buildings on the far side of this roundabout are in Picardy Place.

-  The extension of John Lewis on the left-hand side of the roundabout has still to be build

-  The Omni entertainment centre on the near side of the roundabout have still to be built.


Picardy Place

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