Princes Street


Looking to the west along Princes Street from near the junction with Frederick Street

Princes Street, looking west from near the Frederick Street junction  -  1959

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ally McGurk, from the collected photos taken by  Ally and her father, Thomas M. McGurk


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     Princes Street, looking west from near the Frederick Street junction-  1959


Princes Street

This view looks to the west along Princes Street from a point close to its junction with Frederick Street. The steeple of St Cuthbert's Church and the outline of the Caledonian Hotel at the West End of Princes Street can be seen in the background.

The trees were much smaller in 1959 than they are today, so this photo shows a far more open outlook from Princes Street into the gardens than we see today.

This photo is one of several that were taken by Thomas M McGurk, from the top deck of a bus in Princes Street, on June 20, 1959, three years after the trams in Princes Street had been replaced by buses.

Ally McGurk who provided this photo writes:

People and Cars

"My dad sat upstairs at the front of a bus and took photos en route.  This one shows Princes Street in the days when you could still park cars on both sides of the street, and the trees in Princes Street Gardens were still very small."

Ally McGurk, July 17, 2007

Thank you to Ally McGurk, daughter of Thomas M McGurk for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  More photos taken by Ally and Thomas can be found on the Flickr web site.


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