Rossie Place

Back Green Spitfire Concert

Around 1942

©  Thank you to Flora Hurst, (née McLeod) Craigleith Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce
 this photo and for providing the names of many of the people in the photo.
 Photographer not known.


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   Rossie Place  -  Spitfire Concert, around 1942 ©


Back Green Spitfire Concert

Thank you to Flora Hirst (née McLeod) for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  Flora tells me that her mother organised this concert, around 1942.  The back of her mother's piano can be seen in the lower-right corner of the photo.

-  The concert was held in the back green of Rossie Place.

-  This view looks to the east from Easter Road.

-  The buildings on the left are in Edina Place.

-  The houses in Rossie Place are out of the photo on the right.

-  The sandbags on the right are at the Back Green Door of 13 Rossie Place

-  Many of the children in the photo lived in Rossie Place.

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Rossie Place  -  Spitfire Concert, around 1942 ©


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