Saughton Mains Gardens

About 4 miles SSW of the centre of Edinburgh


   Saughton Mains Gardens  -  Car, Man, Cycle:  1960s

Reproduced with Daniel Jackson, Leith, Edinburgh:  September 7, 2010


Saughton Mains Gardens

Thank you to Daniel Jackson for sending me this photo.

Daniel wrote:

Car, Man, Cycle

"This photo by my great-grandfather, William Ellison.  William was the father of Gerald Ellison who owned the ice cream van in the photo below."

Acknowledgement:  Daniel Jackson, Leith, Edinburgh

Ice Cream Van

Here is another photo sent to me by Daniel Jackson.  This was taken in the between 1962 and 1968, also from 45 Saughton Mains Gardens:

Saughton Mains Gardens  -  Ice Cream Van:  1960s