Taylor Place

off Lower London Road


Around 1914

School at Abbeyhill  -  between Easter Road and Montrose Terrace

Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Elgin                                                                                         Photographer not known


Taylor Place

Thank you to David Elgin, who was born and brought up in Taylor Place, Abbeyhill,  for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above.  David wrote:


"The lamp post in the middle of this photo is outside No.4, Taylor Place, the house where I was born in 1939.

 I think this photo would have been taken in 1914 or so.  My mother, who was born in 1914,  is in the arms of my great-grandmother who is standing outside the doorway that has a sign above it.

I don't know the reason for the group photo.  Maybe, it was the start of the war."

David Elgin:  September 18 + 19, 2010


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