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Bonfire in the field behind

Wester Drylaw Place

Bonfire Night  -  1961

Bonfire on the land behind Wester Drylaw Place  -  November 5, 1961

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.


Bonfire NIght  -  1961

Thank you to Garry McGravie, now living in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia for sending me the photograph above.

Garry wrote:


"This field is parallel to Wester Drylaw Place, with the houses on the right located on the circle on Wester Drylaw Place.

The photograph was taken, looking to the west from the third floor of a flat in the cul-de-sac facing north, Drylaw House Gardens.

The buildings (ruins) on the left were on part of the land belonging to the Doctor.   Drylaw House was also situated on that land."


"Bonfire night was an exciting time for us kids as we would run around all the other areas of Drylaw attempting to steal wood and stuff to make our fire the biggest in the area."

Acknowledgement:  Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia:  January 14, 2009.