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Wester Drylaw Place

Cul-de-sac  -  1967

Cul-de-sac  -  Wester Drylaw Place

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.


Cul-de-sac  -  1967

Thank you to Garry McGravie, now living in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia for sending me the photograph above.

Garry wrote:


"This photograph was taken from the third floor of one of the buildings facing north on Wester Drylaw Place.

The Doocot pub can be seen at the top of the photograph in the middle. 

The building second from the right used to be the grocery store.  The van may have belonged to the Munroe family who lived in the house.


"We used to play football in the street here, and also a game of curby.  What used to happen was you stood on the edge of the pavement and had to try to hit the edge so the ball would return to you.

We also used to run around the oval and had fond memories of the ice cream van stopping in the cul de sac.

If you look just above where the people are, there was like a laneway that used to take you down to the garages and then Ferry Road.  We used to also play soccer against the garage doors."

Saturday NIghts

"The photograph was taken from my room.  I remember the Saturday nights when you could here the booming noises coming out of the pubís night club."

Acknowledgement:  Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia:  January 14, 2009.