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Wester Drylaw Place

Football Field  -  1967

Cul-de-sac  -  Wester Drylaw Place

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.


Football Field  -  1967

Thank you to Garry McGravie, now living in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia for sending me the photograph above.

Garry wrote:


"This field is parallel to Wester Drylaw Place, with the houses on the right located on the circle on Wester Drylaw Place.

The photograph was taken from a garden and probably included myself, Douglas Clousten, David Morris, James McKenzie and possibly Karen Brown who was an excellent player and played for Edinburgh Dynamo women’s team.


"We kids used to play football in this field every Sunday.  Someone would start by running up the stairs and knocking on all the guys' doors and ask if they were coming out to play.

Once gathered, we would head up the lane to the field and play football for hours.  There would normally have been around 20 players but every now and again a lot of the older guys from around the area would come over and join in.  We would think nothing of 20 men a side.

We probably played most sports like cricket and rugby but football was always played and there were some good players around."

Acknowledgement:  Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia:  January 14, 2009.