Edinburgh Marathon

27 May 2007

Funding and Sponsor

Organisers of the Edinburgh Marathon are still looking for a sponsor and funding.  They insist that the Marathon will go ahead on May 27, but if the funding and sponsor are not found there is likely to be no TV coverage or elite section in the event.

The number of entries received by September 2006 was over 1000;  75% up on the same time last year.

Marathon Course

A new course is proposed for the 2007 Marathon, heading to the east from the centre of Edinburgh along the Firth of Forth to Gosford, then back to Musselburgh, ending at Musselburgh Race Course.  The course is flatter and should be faster than previous years' courses:

Start:  Princes Street






Gosford Park



End:   Musselburgh (Race Course)

Edinburgh Evening News   -   September 7, 2006.

Edinburgh Evening News   -   September 25, 2006, p.8


 Web Site

For further details of this year's Edinburgh Marathon, please see the edinburgh marathon web site.