Edinburgh Exhibitions  -  2004


David Innes Collection of Photographs

From March 2004

Monday:  10am - 5pm

Tuesday:  10am - 8pm

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat:   10am - 5pm

Sunday:  12 noon - 5pm

Admission Free.

Sheep Sheerer  in Kirkcudbrightshire  -  1960s

Shearer in Kirkcudbrightshire in the 1960s  -  Photograph from the David Innes Collection of Photographs, on exhibition at the Royal Museum, Edinburgh, 2004

  Scottish Life Archive, National Museum of Scotland

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The Exhibition

This is a small but interesting exhibition with some appealing photos capturing the spirit of the period - 1930s to 1960s.  There are 24 photos in the exhibition, selected from a large collection bequeathed to the Scottish Life Archive within the National Museum of Scotland in 1986. 

Each summer, David Innes, a freelance photographer and his wife Agnes, a freelance writer toured the back roads of Scotland from April to October, with their caravan, Golden Eagle, capturing their travels in film and prints.  The photos car and caravan capture the spirit of the period.  About half of the photos on display feature the caravan on tour.

The remainder are portraits of people at work around Scotland, including  workers at Ballachulich quarry, Buccleuch Mills and Balmaclellon Farm.  All photos in the exhibition are each about 10ins x 7ins.

The background details above are taken from a note on the wall at the exhibition.  Further details are available on request from the Scottish Life Archive at the National Museum of Scotland.