A Photographic Portrait

Photography Exhibition, Films, Workshop, Talks.


Market Street, Edinburgh

July 5 to September 14

£5 (concessions £3.50, children £2.50)

Image 15 from the exhibition 'China: A Photographic Portrait'

© Xu Jinyan

Image 3  from the exhibition 'China: A Photographic Portrait'   Image 1 from the exhibition 'China: A Photographic Portrait'

 © Hao Junchen                                                    © Feng Jianxin

   All three images are reproduced with acknowledgement to City of Edinburgh Council.



A Photographic Portrait

Images from the Exhibition

The exhibition includes monochrome and colour images.  Here (above) are three of the colour images.

They are:

TOP:     'A small train station on Dianyue Railway that was open to traffic in 1910.'  Xu Jinyan. 1990, Mengzi, Yunnan.

LEFT:    'An old man holding a picture of his late wife, fulfilling the couple's joint dream of travelling to Beijing.'  Hao Junchen.  2003, Beijing.

RIGHT:   'A soldier bids farewell to his wife and child who have just visited him and are now returning home.'  Feng Jianxin.  Winter 1987, Weichang, Hebei.


 The Changing Face of China

The Edinburgh City Art Centre's publicity for this exhibition says:

"China: A Photographic Portrait is one of the largest exhibitions  the City Art Centre has ever hosted.  Running to a massive 590 pictures, this vast exhibition documents the changing face of China over 50 years.

This hugely popular exhibition has spent the last two years touring the major cities of Germany and comes to Edinburgh with the addition of 33 new short films exploring China’s cultural and social life.

Further insight into the diversity and complexity of this enormous, rapidly evolving country are provided in a series of workshops, guided tours and talks that run for the duration of the exhibition.

The talks include film writer / director Mark Cousins on Chinese Cinema and Hong Kong composer Kimho Ip on Chinese subculture and the changing music scene. For families there are fun classes on how to make and decorate Chinese lanterns."