Vanity Fair Portraits




1 Queen Street, Edinburgh

June 14 to September 21

6 (concessions 4)

This exhibition of 150 photographs comes to Edinburgh after having been shown in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The National Galleries of Scotland's publicity for the exhibition says:


"This beautiful exhibition features remarkable and memorable photographic portraits from Vanity Fair magazine, that unique barometer of the modern age.

Those depicted include some of the most influential individuals of the modern age, with sitters ranging from Claude Monet, Amelia Earhart, and Jesse Owens, to David Hockney, Arthur Miller and Madonna, and Hollywood luminaries from Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo to Jack Nicholson and Julia Roberts.

Vanity Fair Portraits shows that across the Jazz Age and the current era, one magazine has been the canvas for creating definitive photographic icons


"To coincide with this grand opening of the exhibition, there will be a special guest lecture by David Friend, Editor, Creative Development at Vanity Fair magazine and Terence Pepper, Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery

The lecture takes place in the Hawthornden Lecture Theatre at the National Gallery Complex between 2 and 3pm on Saturday 14th June"

The exhibition includes magazine covers and other Vanity Fair photos of of celebrities and others taken over many decades - but not throughout the period 1913-2008 mentioned in the exhibition title.  Vanity Fair suspended publication in 1936 and was not re-launched until 1983.