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Victorian Britain

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Tintype Photograph

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June 27 to July 18

Admission:  FREE

23 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8HQ

Edinburgh West End

Exhibition in Edinburgh  -  27 June to 18 July 2015  -  Victorian Exhibition and the Tintype Photograph   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheila Masson, curator of the exhibition




Peter Stubbs


Visit to the Exhibition

"I visited the exhibition today and found about 80 tintypes, all framed. around the walls of one of the rooms, with captions below them. 

Most were 1/6 plate, about 3 ins x 2.5 ins.  Some were gem size - no larger than about 1 ins x 1 ins, but mounted onto carte de visite size cards so that they could be fitted into Victorian Photograph albums

Inevitably, being tintypes, they appeared rather dull on the wall, and not as bright as other types of photo would have been, and in many cases, neither the names of the sitters nor the names of the photographers was known.

Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the photos and to read the short informative captions under them.  These captions referred to some of the  items captured in the photos - both intended and otherwise - and gave a greater understanding of the photographers and their work. 

The usual charge for a tintype photo was 1d (one old penny).  This was much cheaper than cartes de visite - the usual size of studio portraits in the Victorian era.  Some photographers offered both tintypes and cartes de visite."

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 29, 2015