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1844 - 1925 - 2001



1844 Map

Edinburgh  -  1844  -  Map produced for the Society for the Dissemination of Useful Knowledge  -  Section M

  Reproduced by courtesy of Steve Batrick, Ross-on-Wye

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1925 Map

Edinburgh map  -  1925  -  Section M

Peter Stubbs  Please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk for permission to reproduce

 2001 Aerial View

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This whole area has been developed (more than once) since the 1844 map was published.  On the aerial view, we see the tenement housing of Dalry in the centre of the picture.  Above this is new housing being built on the site of Caledonian Distillery. 

Caledonian distillery closed around 1990, leaving only one distillery now operating in Edinburgh - the North British Distillery, close to the Heart of Midlothian football ground.

The old industrial area surrounding the Union Canal basin (lower right) is also now being developed.


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