Filming of 'Just Another Saturday'




Gavin Dickson

Thank you Gavin Dickson who sent me his memories of filming of 'Just Another Saturday' in Bonnington.

Gavin wrote:


"I remember seeing the filming of 'Just Another Saturday' when I was walking home from Bonnington School to my family's house which was, at that time, in Newhaven Road.

Graham Street

The location I saw being shot was the old tenements in Graham Street, which was pretty much a slum in the seventies.

At that time I was only  of primary age so I never really appreciated what was happening.  Its a shame the 'powers at be' decided that the time was right to demolish the tenements around that area as they gave me so many memories of my childhood, Graham Street, West Bowling Green Street, Bangor Road, Burlington Street.

I do not think they would get away with such destruction nowadays.   I would like to see some picture of that area pre-demolishing, which took place in the late-70s.

Gavin Dickson:  September 3 + 9, 2006


Old Photos

If you have any pictures of the area around Graham Street before demolition in the 1970's that I could perhaps add to the web site or send by e-mail to Gavin, please e-mail me.

I remember the street a few years after the demolition.   Farmer Jack's Market was on the north side of Graham Street for a few years, selling produce from his farm in East Lothian.

Then it became a site for selling Christmas each Christmas.  Now, new apartments have been built on the site.

-  Peter Stubbs:  September 10, 2006



Bob Brindle

Nottinghamshire, England


Graham Street, Bonnington

Thank you to Bob Brindle, now living in Nottinghamshire, England for replying to Gavin Dickson's request for an old photograph of Graham Street.

Bob Brindle, Nottinghamshire, England:  June 16, 2009

Here is the picture that Bob sent to me.  Please click on it to enlarge it and read Bob's comments about it.

Graham Street, Bonnington  -  Welcome home for troops from World War II



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