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Cargilfield School

Trinity then Barnton

Cargil Prep School was the first prep school to be established in Scotland.

-  The school was established between Cargill Terrace and Darnell Road in Trinity,  North Edinburgh in 1873 .

-   The school moved to Barnton, NW Edinburgh in 1898.

Details above have been taken from the Cargilfield web site,
with acknowledgement to Hazel, Cargilfield School (2 emails)


Who was Mr Cargil

The school was founded by the Reverend Charles Darnell, but where does the name Cargilfield come from. 

Was that, perhaps, the name of the field that the school was built on in 1873.  Was this a field owned by a Mr Cargil?  If so, who was he?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  13 December 2015




Brian Alexander

Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander who investigated, then wrote:


1.  Cargilfield is shown on the OS map [Edinburgh 1892-1905] (on NLS maps site)  as being situated between Wardie Road and Trinity Road. The map shows buildings and open ground, but has no further info.

 2. Stuart Harris' book, 'The Place Names of Edinburgh'(Pub. Steve Savage, London & Edinburgh. 2002) says:

"CARGILFIELD (Trinity) is spoken of by Grant as though it had once been an alternative name for Wardie Mains, but is shown on Ainslie 1804 as one of a group of properties on the west side of South Trinity Road; and the name probably derives from some early owner called Cargil.

CARGIL TERRACE was formed along the land's north boundary by 1892 and CARGIL COURT was named in 1963.

DARNELL ROAD was named in 1904, a year or two after Cargilfield School, founded here by the Revd Daniel Darnell, removed to its new building at King's Cramond."

3 .  In James Grant's 'Old & New Edinburgh'  (Pub. 1880s, Vol VI, p.307) See web site,
I can only find the following:

"An old property long known as Cargilfield .......... ."



1 .  Rev. Charles Darnell may have been a minister with the Free Church of Scotland at Granton, but I'm still checking that one.

 Brian Alexander, Prestonfield, Edinburgh:  13 December 2015 (2 emails)


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