Thank you to Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland for his memories of work in Edinburgh between leaving school in 1945 and pursuing a Military Career in 1952.

Here, Ed describes his first employment.

"Living in Wardie, I attended Trinity Academy.  I left the school around 23rd May 1945, before the end of term, to start work, entering the tradesman's world."

Livery Stables

I was apprenticed to my uncle, Peter Greenhill, who was a Master Painter with a workshop at Inverleith Terrace Lane just off Tanfield.

It was a former livery stable owned, in the 30's, by a Mr Dunbar who exercised his horses in Inverleith Park and hired them out to the "gentry" of Inverleith area.  Peter Greenhill took over the premises when Dunbar failed back in 1938.

Industry Exam

Being of family, I was encouraged to learn a trade as so many servicemen were being de-mobbed.  Even before the War ended jobs were becoming hard to get.

So I worked away as a prospective "painter" until I had, under the terms of my Indenture, to sit an Industry Exam by the Scottish Painters Federation, when it was discovered I was  red/green color blind.  Exit Ed from the decorating trade at the end of September 45!"

Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland:  April 25, 2006


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