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Richard Martin

Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Dick Martin who wrote:

Saturday Morning Club

"I remember the 'Saturday Morning Club' at the New Vic.  It was a special children’s programme, run every Saturday morning from 10am until 12 noon.  It cost 6 pence.

The queue started about 9am.  It was always about 4 or 5 kids deep and stretched along the whole length of St Patrick’s Square."


"If it had been your birthday in the last seven days you and a couple of your friends had a special invitation to be seated free in a private box at the rear of the stalls."

Theatre Organ

"Once the doors opened at about 9.30, we were allowed, in groups of around 20 at a time.  To fill in the remaining half hour or so the theatre organ would rise from below the front of the stage and a community sing song would start.

The words to all the songs would appear on the screen.  The words to the opening song started:

' Here we are again, happy as can be,

 All good friends and jolly good companee'."

The Programme

"The format of the programme never changed:

The Sing Song,

- A couple of cartoons (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck type) all in colour and that was something in those days.

- A feature film (Laurel & Hardy or Abbot & Costello type.)

Then the main attraction. the next episode of the thriller serial where the hero was always at death's door at the end, only to reappear next week having managed to free himself/herself from whatever danger they had been in."

Richard Martin, Borders, Scotland:  August 5, 2008


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