Thank you to Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Leith Labour Party HQ

"Smiths the Bakers Tea Rooms were at the corner of Academy St (formerly Morton St) and Duke Street in Leith.

Above the tea rooms, were the Lansbury Rooms, Leith Labour Party HQ in the 1940s.  They used to hold old time dancing there on a Tuesday night."

Labour League of Youth

"Around 1949, aged 14, I was a member of the now defunct Labour League of Youth, we used to help out with canvassing, addressing envelopes, do collections at meetings and other such tasks to help out at elections.

They also taught you public speaking.  At meetings, they would ask you to write a subject down on a piece of paper and put the questions in a hat.  You selected one and were then asked to speak on the subject for 2 minutes - quite daunting for a kidI only joined to get off the streets and have something to do.

 I met the late Lord Hoy.  On being demobbed from the army as a sergeant, he was elected MP with the Labour landslide victory just after the war, I remember marching in the street with banners shouting 'Hoys the Boy'."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh:  October 23, 2008


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