John Cavanagh

County Durham, England

Thank you to John Cavanagh who wrote:

Motor Boats

"I was also an associate member of the Port of Leith Motor Boat Club in the 1960s and spent many happy days sailing around the Forth.

I remember when the club had use of a yard and slipway next to Coburg Street on the Water of Leith (It would have been opposite Hawthorns Yard.)

Then, when the new lock gates were built at the entrance to the docks, we had to vacate the yard as it was now non-tidal. There was no way to navigate up the river as it was 'permanent high water'."

John added:

Pilot Boats

"I worked for a time for Leith Pilotage Authority on the pilot cutters, running firstly from Leith and Inchkeith, then we moved to a new pilot house in Granton harbour."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh:  September 27, 2010


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