Fox Covert

Primary School





Stuart Harper


Thank you to Stuart Harper who read Bill Scott's Clermiston recollections and wrote:

Primary School

"I was at primary school (Old Fox Covert then Clermiston) and was in the same class as Billy Scott.  I remember playing at his house.  I can even remember the registration number of his dad's car.  It was Scott's Fish Suppers 464!  -   SFS 464

Stuart Harper, Edinburgh:  October 28, 2011

Bill Scott

Bill Scott now lives in Alnwick, Northumberland, but has been investigating the Buttercup Dairy Company and Buttercup Farm at Clermiston.  In 2011, he wrote a book on the company titled 'The Buttercup'.  The book has received good reviews in the press.



Gary Coats

Thank you to Gary Coats who wrote:

Fox Covert Mansion House

"I remember the Fox Covert mansion house very well.  It sat half-way between the Clermiston Inn and the Fox Covert Hotel.

For a while in the 60s it was used as a school."

Gary Coats:  July 19, 2015