Glenburn Hotel

Blinkbonny, Edinburgh

Thank you to Michael Craig, Edinburgh for sending the following recollections of the  1960s and  1970s.

Mike wrote:

The Old Folk

"I remember the 'Glenburn Hotel' in Blinkbonny  -  It was originally an old folks home (although not built as that).  The staff were always very friendly, and for talking with the 'old folk' you could get juice and biscuits!  We considered this a pretty good deal."

Poet's Glen

"Beside the house was a wood called 'Poets Glen', which had a stream running through it.  At some time in the past there had been an attempt to create a 'trout pond', by the construction of a fairly sizeable dam.  When we were there it was all pretty much completely overgrown, however rumour had it that there were trout in the pond.  I never caught any - nor did I know anybody who had!"

Hotel Function Suite

"In the later 60's or early 70's the old folk were moved out and the building turned into a hotel.  There was a large function suite at the back which used to host various 'rocker' bands on Saturday nights. 

One that I particularly remember had a singer called something like 'Shorty Rogers'  -  He was very tall and used to wear a ginger wig."


"Sometimes there were over 100 motorcycles parked outside, and complete mayhem inside, although the owner (Mr Rattray?) had two very large German Shepherds which accompanied him round the tables and helped to keep the peace.

 After some time maybe a year or so, the police started taking an interest and would set up road blocks to stop motorcyclists who were leaving the hotel.  I have to say there was a bit of a race track back towards the Lanark Road and no doubt lots of complaints from local residents"

Michael Craig, Edinburgh, Scotland:   May 30, 2006


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