The train at

Texaco Sidings


The train is collecting aviation fuel, destined for Prestwick

Oil Train at Texaco Sidings, Granton  -  1980

A train at Texaco Sidings, Granton  -  1980

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kenneth G Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh




Kenneth G Williamson

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

 Granton Railway  -  Texaco Sidings

Thank you to Kenneth G Williamson for sending me this picture of an oil train at the Texaco sidings on the old Caledonian Railway line at Granton, with fuel possibly for planes at Prestwick.

Kenneth took this photo from the bridge over the line where the lane used to lead down from West Granton Road towards Caroline Park House.

Kenneth wrote:


"I live in Silverknowes but was brought up in Granton Terrace and went to Granton School and then Ainslie  Park."


"I hung about the railway at Granton in the 1960s, often riding on the diesels taking coal up to the Gasworks or shunting about the Middle and West piers.  Unfortunately, I didn't possess a camera at that time."


"I took the pictures, above, off the railway bridge at West Granton Road * beside the shops in 1980.  The refinery at Granton used to be Texaco where aviation fuel was stored and this is what is being carried in the tank cars."

Kenneth added:

"I was playing bowls last Sunday with a chap who, from 1968 to 1971, worked as the freight agent at Granton, firstly in the Caley goods shed and then a bothy in the old signal box at Granton, finally ending up at Millerhill."

Kenneth G Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  April 22 + 25, 2006,


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