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Electa Beckett

North Carolina, USA

Thank you to Electa Beckett who wrote:

Visit to Edinburgh  -  Late-1970s

"I have fond memories of a trip to England and Scotland with a friend back in the late-1970s.  We arrived in Edinburgh in September, at Festival time.  We listened to chamber music and went to the Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle among other events.


"I wanted to find a 'real' kilt and someone referred us to The Highland House on Lawnmarket. There, we met Gordon, Duncan, Grace and her son, whose name escapes meThey took us (two young girls in our early twenties who worked in New York City) under their wing for the duration of our stay in Edinburgh.

We each ordered a long kilt; I chose the Dress Gordon. They arrived sometime in the cold and blustery month of December and we wore them to our work at J.P. Stevens in NYC. I remember everyone was in awe of our kilts!

Highland House

I was reminded of our visit to Edinburgh when I went to my first 'Scottish Games' in Greenville last weekend.  Since coming back from the games, I've been looking on line for information about Highland House and the wonderful people there with whom we spent a moment in time in the late-1970s.

Electa Beckett, North Carolina, USA:  May 27, 2012

Highland House

I see that the Scottish gift shop, Highland House, is still at 495-497 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 27, 2012


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