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Alastair White

Berwickshire, England

Alastair White, grandson of the founder of J B White Ltd, ran J B White & Co from the 1960s and later founded Whiteholme (Publishers) Ltd.

Here, Alastair asks about one of his former colleagues in the 1950s.

Alastair wrote:


Ian McCulloch

"In late 1955 I was called up for National Service, and enlisted in the RAF as a photographer.     In the same batch as me was one Ian McCulloch, who at the time had just finished his apprenticeship with Hislop & Day.

I wonder if, by any chance, anybody know his whereabouts these days.  It would be rather nice to get in touch again.     He lived in Dalry Road, I think."

Alastair White: Berwickshire, England:  December 2+3, 2010

Reply to Alastair

If you'd like to send a reply to Alastair, please email me then I'll pass it on to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  December 3, 2010




Jack Craig

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Thank you to Jack Craig for replying to Alastair White's question about Ian McCulloch, above.  Sadly, Jack believes that Ian has passed on.

Jack wrote:


Ian McCulloch

"Alistair White is asking about Ian McCulloch.

In my early days at Hislop and Day, Ian and I used to play golf together. Ian had a scooter and I had a 350 Matchless. Ian and Tom Bee went off on holiday up north on my bike and I had his scooter for a couple of weeks.

Ianís dad worked with Pillans and Wilson, in quite an important post as far as I can remember.  Ian was quite a good golfer and a really nice guy. He moved up to Muir of Ord in Inverness shire and I lost touch.

I believe he died some years ago.

We used to call him 'MaCleuch'. That was in the days when Hislop and Day were Photoengravers and prior to the huge changes that were to take place, changing over to Photolitho.

 Ian was a camera operator and a good one too."

Jack Craig, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  December 5, 2010


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