Holyrood Palace




Margaret Adams

Warwick, Warwickshire, England

Thank you to Margaret Adams for the memories below.

Margaret wrote:

Stewardess and Waitress

"My mother was a stewardess on the liner that sailed from Leith to the Orkneys and Denmark in 1932..  She was also a waitress at the city chambers and she worked for the Queen Mother in Holyrood Palace, and for the Queen's chef who at that time was a Mr Aubrey.

My dad used to take me up to the palace when the Queen Mother was there.  I always wanted to meet the girls but my mother said 'It's their sleeping time.'

I now live in Warwick in the Midlands, but have a lot of thoughts of Scotland and Edinburgh.  I was born in Bangor  Road, Edinburgh."

Margaret Adams: June 20, 2007




Bob Wilson

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Thank you to Bob Wilson for leaving a message in the EdinPhoto Guest Book, including the memories below:

Hide and Seek

"I have fond memories of Edinburgh.  I often roamed the streets all the way into town from Abbeyhill,  and often passed the then rather quiet Holyrood Palace House.

As a child I can remember playing in Holyrood Palace gardens, and being caught playing hide and seek by the gatehouse policeman.  Our little gang was all rounded-up by him.

I can remember, whilst we were 'under arrest', a lady coming up and telling the Officer it was 'quite alright', and to let us continue playing.  But being a child, I responded that the game had been spoilt and we didn't want to play in her garden again."  This was said with a 6-year old child's authority, and whoever she was she just laughed at my cheek.

Returning home I told my mother what had happened and she guessed it might have been HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother."

Bob Wilson, Leeds, West Yorkshire:  April 9, 2009


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