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Dave McIntosh

Norwich, Norfolk, England

Thank you to Dave McIntosh who wrote:


Prefects and School Pals

"Here are a few of my recollection of Lismore Primary School, known as Southfield Annex when I first started, and of Bingham.

I recall Cynthia Smith and Janet Powell in this prefect picture.

Lismore Primary School  -  Prefects and Headmaster, 1959-60 ©

I think Janet lived across the street from Derek Branton, who was my best mate.  I've not seen Derek since the late-1970s, when I bumped into him in Inverlieth Park.

I also remember:

Alfie Anderson who lived a couple of doors up from Derek. I think Alfie went in to the navy.

Kathleen Adams who lived opposite me in the prefabs in Bingham Circle, with her little brother Peter who was in my brother Alistair's class.

Gillian Anderson and Andy Gibson."


"I remember:

-  Miss Mays was our teacher in Final Year.

-  We also had a Miss Cornfield for the year 1957/58.

-  We had an Exchange Teacher from Canada.  Iím not sure if it was for a whole year or just for a term. She took this photo of me (standing) and Alexander Ferguson, who we called Sunny."

Alex Ferguson and Dave McIntosh  -  1950s

Alex Ferguson and Dave McIntosh, Pupils at Lismore Primary School

© The Supply Teacher who came to Lismore Primary School in the 1950s
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dave McIntosh, Norwich, Norfolk, England, who sent me a copy of the photo.

Dave McIntosh:  20 January 2016