District to the south of The Meadows, Edinburgh




Ronnie Elder

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Ronnie Elder wrote:


Scotland's Lino King

"Can anyone remember the location of the shop advertised as 'Scotland's Lino King'.  I believe it was owned by a Peter Miller whom, I am sure, was domiciled somewhere in the Roseneath area.  This would have been around 1946 or 1947

Ronnie Elder, Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you know the answer to Ronnie's question above, please e-mail me, then I'll pass your message on to him.    Thank you

 - Peter Stubbs:  May 6, 2011




Douglas Bryce

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to Dougie Bryce who replied:

Lino Shop

"There was a lino shop at the corner of Union Place and Union Street, opposite the Playhouse.  I think it later moved down towards the foot of Leith Walk."

Douglas Bryce, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh:  May 10+18, 2011




Mike Inkster

Canterbury, Kent, England

Thank you to Mike Inkster who replied:

Scotland's Lino King

"I came across a question above from Ronnie Elder, Kandy, Sri Lanka about what was my grandfather’s lino shop.

He was indeed Peter Miller who at the time lived in Argyle Place.  His shop was on the corner of Leith Walk and Union Street.

He eventually owned the whole block, having bought up all the adjoining properties as they became vacant, including the Corner Stores off-license which had the central plot on the ground floor of the corner.

He waited for many years to buy it as it was the ‘missing piece’ in his shop. He was known as ‘Scotland’s Lino King’ and he registered the name as his trademark.

His son, Ian, operated a branch of the business further down Leith Walk whilst another son, David, had a branch on the Gorgie Road.

Peter Miller died in 1976."

Mike Inkster, Canterbury, Kent, England:  May 27, 2017


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