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Ronnie Murphy

West Yorkshire, England

Thank you to Ronnie Murphy for sending me his memories of working for the engineering firm, Ronnie Murphy, in Edinburgh.,

Ronnie wrote:


"Miller and Stables electrical and civil engineers. They installed overhead power lines all over Scotland, and did standard  electrical work at schools, commercial and industrial premises, etc.

They were probably better known for floodlighting football grounds.:

-  Hearts

-  Hibs

-  Celtic

-  Hampden Park

-  Motherwell

-  Dundee Utd.

-  Newcastle.


I worked as an apprentice electrician for Miller & Stables from 1958 until 1961, and remember:

-   Mr McKay.  He was Manager.

-   Alex Stables, the boss.  He was Consul for the Dominican Republic.  We had a plaque outside our office.

(I've had a look on Google Earth for our old old building, but it all seems to be residential now.)

-   Willie Hay

-   Jimmy Lettice

-   Fred, the foreman

-   'Old Mac' , the storeman

Ronnie Murphy, West Yorkshire, England:  December 19 + 24, 2013


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