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Newhaven Pageant

Thank you to Dave Ferguson for sending me this poem that he wrote:


Gaun Fishin' Tae Newhaven

"Bright an sunny mornin’s, up early wis the game,

Fishin’ tackle ready aff we go again.

We trekked tae Newhaven alang the shore path.

We walked in oor bareies, we were happy lads.

We clambered up the steps frae the shore tae the road,

Aw puffed oot wi' excitement, a squad o’ Granton toads

Newhaven set in oor sites, we’d scoot alang the street

Intae the market tae hunt fer tasty treats.

We’d put them on the hooks, and throw them in the sea,

Tae try and catch a mackerel -  great fun had we.

When bait ran doon aff we’d go, roond tae the box cleaners

Jist tae say hello!

The box cleaners were really guid, wi'd stop tae hae a fag.

So we could delve intae the cleanin’ tubs tae fill oor bait bags.

Settlin’ doon tae fish again wi’ some fresh bait.

Oot went the lines, very true and straight.

The catch wid vary quite a bit, but the fun wis really great

Wi a mackerel wrigglin’ on yer line, ha'en taken a tasty bait

Guid fun it wis, meetin’ ither laddies,

Tellin' fishy stories o’ fishing trips wi’ daddy

Some came frae sunny Leith and far away Lochend

Tae fish fer silver mackerel, such happy days we’d spend

Aw they things are great fer laddies growing up,

Fishin’ at Newhaven, that great wee fishin’ hub."

DF.377 **

**  Dave tells me that he ends all his poems with DF 377.  (This was part of his army number.)

Dave Ferguson, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross, Scotland:  April 11, 2012

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Thank you to Dave for also sending me several poems that he wrote about growing up in Granton.


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