Primary School

West Pilton




Robert Lettice


Thank you to Robert Lettice who wrote:

Home and School

"I stayed at West Pilton Grove from the 1940s until the 1960s.  I went to Pennywell Primary School at West Pilton Avenue.

The Headmaster was Mr Bathgate and the Jannie was Mr Taylor.  We used to stand, when we could, at the boiler house to keep warm in the winter."


"I remember:

-  We used to have snowball fights with Craigmuir Primary School.  Once, the ice cream man joined in.

-  Once a year, the shows came.  They were at Pennywell Road in a field that we called the corn field.

-  I remember, at night, Frankie the Pole used stop opposite Pennywell School with his chip van.

-  We used to build gang huts on the waste ground round the side of our street next to the Cheese Box,**

**   I asked Robert what the Cheese Box was.

 He replied:

"The Cheese Box was a was a one-level brick hut  on Ferry Road Drive, opposite the Store and  shops - Barrs the Newsagent, etc I did my paper round from there.

The Cheese Box was well known all over Edinburgh.  I was too young to go there but my brothers went.  It was a hip hot night with music blaring away."

Robert Lettice, Edinburgh: March 21, 2011


The Hut

"How many remember the hut?  It was on Ferry Road Drive.  That's where there was dancing on a Saturday night. On Sundays,  it was the Band of Hope."


"I met a friend Rab Aitchison.  He came from Lochinvar Camp, a temporary housing camp at Granton Road after World War II.

I'm looking for Gavin Clarke.  He left Edinburgh in the late-1950s to stay in Chester."

Robert Lettice, Edinburgh: March 21, 2011



Jim Little

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Thank you to Jim Little who read the message from Robert Lettice above and wrote:

My Class

"I lived in the prefabs on Pennywell Drive and went to Pennywell School, 1946-49I'm sure that Robert Lettice was in my class. I remember the wee roly-poly hills he mentions, just off Pennywell Road.

My class teacher was Mr Murray. 

Also in my class were:

-  Jimmy Whitock

Adam Johnston

Sandra Ingram

Ricky Patterson ( no a bad fitba player)  was a year below me.

Jim Little, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:  October 31, 2011