Peter Victory Taxis

These taxis were used by the National Bank of Scotland




Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Alan Grieve wrote:

Bank Notes ...

"Does anyone remember Peter Victory who ran a taxi firm in the 1950s? He drove a big Rolls Royce, probably from the 1920's, but he also had Austin black cabs of the type current at that time.

When I started work at the National Bank of Scotland, opposite Nicolson Square, in 1957 one of my daily jobs was to take a leather bag full of notes down to Head Office in St. Andrew Square each morning.

When Peter Victory arrived, I would get into the Rolls with the leather bag and another member of staff who accompanied me as far as the National Bank branch in Forrest Road.

The junior from that branch would get in with his bag, while my colleague walked back to Nicolson Square, and then we would set off to the branch at the top of Cockburn Street where their junior would join us with his bag for the journey to Head Office in St Andrew Square.  (This was done at the same time each morning!)

Having paid in our cash, we would then make our own way back to our branches except on Wednesdays which was the day our branch received its coin order from Head Office."

... and Coins

"On Wednesdays, after paying in, we would load up bags and bags of coin and be driven back to our branches where we had to lug the coin bags over the pavement and into the branch.

Not a problem when Peter had the Rolls but if one of his other drivers was on the job with his Austin black cab it would lean over with the weight and the mudguards would grate on the tyres as we turned right from Princes Street onto the Bridges!

No question of Securicor then, and we never felt at all vulnerable!"

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  July 21+23, 2009

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Bob Sinclair

Queensland, Australia

Peter Victory

Thank you, Bob for sending your recollections of Peter Victory and his brother, John, in response to Alan Grieve's question in the first section of his recollections above. 

Bob:  I've now passed your comments on to Alan.

Peter Stubbs:  January 4, 2009




Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Alan Grieve added:

Peter Victory

"Thanks for the info. I've just found a website which gives details of a Peter Victory, Taxi proprietor who died in 1954.

The details are given by Peter Victory, his son.  This would probably have been the Peter Victory I knew in 1957-9."

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  January 5, 2010


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