Pilrig is half-way down Leith walk, between Leith and Edinburgh.

This is where passengers used to change between
the Edinburgh Cable Cars and Leith Electric Trams.




 John Stewart

Livingston, West Lothian

Thank you to John Stewart who wrote:


18 shillings a week

"My first home as a newly-wed was at 18 Pilrig Street in 1958.  I saw the street just lately and it has never changed. 

My wife and I lived in the attic paying 18/- [90 pence] a week rent for furnished accommodation  -  no bath or shower, just a W.C.

We used to put our milk outside the window to keep it cool until our landlady saw it and blew her top.  'Bringing the tone of the place down' she said. 

Those were the days."

John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian:  August 10, 2007




Fiona Logan

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you, Fiona, for sending me phtographs taken outside her home at 16 Murano Place, Pilrig in the 1960s. Thanks also for adding comments to the EdinPhoto guest book.

Fiona wrote:


Murano Place

   Fiona Logan with her sister Julie and brother Malcolm playing at getting married, at Murano Place, around 1968


"Does anybody have any info on the workplaces in Murano Place?  There were a few at one time. I remember Cummings box makers opposite no 16, a bookbinders next door

Fiona Lodan and some mates outside Cummings (box makers) in Murano Place, around 1968

and most importantly Charlie's chip shop in Albert Street and Arestie's (my spelling) ice cream shop.


"My most magical memory is being sent to Charlie's for a fish supper and to Arestie's for a tub of ice cream and a bottle of juice after Dr Who.

If I managed to evade the cybermen (my imagination) and the rats (real), we were in for a feast - all 4 of us!"

Fiona Logan, Leith:  Message in EdinPhoto guest book,:  December 5, 2007




Irene Day

Wigan, Lancashire, England

Irene Day wrote:

Sandra Whitehead

11 Buchanan Street

"I wonder if anybody remembers a Sandra Whitehead who lived at 11,  Buchanan Street.  She lived there from 1945 till around 1970.

I know she married and moved to Canada and I would love to find her.

I have found a lot of old school friends over the last couple of years but just cant get any more information about Sandra."

Irene Day, Wigan, Lancashire, England:  June 17, 2008

If you  have any information about Sandra Whitehead, and would like to contact Irene Day, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Irene.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  June 21, 2008




Donald Graham

Basel, Switzerland

Thank you to Donald Graham who wrote:

Leaving Edinburgh

"After reading on Sky News about this being the 65th anniversary of the first 'Ten Pound Poms' sailing out to Australia, I came to the conclusion that my Grandmother and uncle must have been 'Ten Pound Poms'.

Back in Edinburgh, in the early-1960s when I was just a boy, they seized the opportunity for a better life and a chance to escape, perhaps from harder times back then."


"I can't recall where they landed in Australia, or whatever became of them, although I vividly remember them sending me an unmistakably wrapped Boomerang through the post.  On it was hand-painted Aborigines with spears, chasing kangaroos."

Pilrig Park

"I told my mother it was for display purposes only, but she insisted we take it to the Park at Pilrig, to test if they really do come back.  No sooner had she thrown it into the air, than it hit a tree then fell to the ground in two halves.  So I reckon it must have been a sign from my Grandmother, as she didn't come back either!"

Donald Graham, Basel, Switzerland:  March 28, 2012


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