'The Waverley Line'

The railway line from Edinburgh through the Scottish Borders to Carlisle

The line closed in 1969.  It is due to re-open (Edinburgh to Tweedbank) in 2015.

For further details about this line, see this Wikipedia page:

The Waverley Line




Wendy E Ball

Lauder, Borders, Scotland

Wendy E Ball wrote:

Border Railway

Visitor Guide

Did You Work on the Waverley Line?

"I'm working on a Visitor Guide to the new Borders Railway and would be very keen to interview anyone who worked on the Waverley Route before it closed in 1969.

I'd like to hear from people who was actually a worker on this line, rather than those who are just enthusiasts for the line.

This is a long shot, but I'd be most grateful to hear from anyone."

Wendy Ball, Lauder, Borders, Scotland:  June 5, 2014

Reply to Wendy?

If you'd like to to send a reply to Wendy's request above. please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on Wendy's email address to you, so that you'll be able to contact her.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 5, 2014




Gus Coutts

Duddingston, Edinburgh

Thank you to Gus Coutts for replying to the request from  Wendy in her Recollections 1 above.

Unofficial Worker

"I loosely fall into the category of having worked on the Waverley Line, although in an unofficial capacity."

Heriot Station

"Postwar and up to the early-1950s, my uncle Daniel Coutts was Stationmaster at Heriot and as a youngster I spent many enjoyable holidays staying with him and my aunt in The Station House.

As an unofficial employee he used to give me a pay packet each week. There may be some people who can remember an 8 or 9 year old running up and down the platform shouting 'Heriot'. whenever a train stopped."

The Signal Box

"I spent many happy hours clambering over the wagons in the Goods Yard and keeping the Signalman company in the Signal Box. He used to let me turn the large wheel which opened and closed the Level Crossing.

One of the highlights of the day was the passing of the Up 'St. Pancras'. This was either the 10.05 or 10.10 from Waverley ( I think 10.05.  (One of these was 'The St. Pancras'.  The other was 'The Relief Scotsman').

The signalman would get, as I recall, 4 bells from the Falahill Box and then the plume of steam would appear, folllowed by the train rounding the bend north of the station behind an A3.  It appeared and thundered down past the station and on to Fountainhall.

Another daily highlight was the arrival of The Gala Goods which dropped off and picked up vans and wagons."

The Station House

"Life was no picnic for my aunt, living in The Station House. Although only 14 miles from Edinburgh, there was no electricity and naturally no gas. All lighting was by Tilly Lamps and my aunt only had Primus Stoves for cooking.

Although I was never there in the winter, I remember my uncle telling me how in the harsh the 1948 winter was.  There were  snowdrifts were up to the top of the telegraph poles!  The station is at about the same altitude as the summit of Arthur's Seat."


"I remember being told about the time when A3 loco,  60099, 'Call Boy', ran into a herd of cattle between Heriot and Fountainhall.


"There was a large sawmill adjoining the station on the north side.  There were temporary wooden houses for the workers and their families on the opposite side of the A7 form the station.

Gus Coutts, Duddingston, Edinburgh:  June 6, 2014




Kenneth Williamson

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kenneth Williamson for also replying to the request from  Wendy in her Recollections 1 above.

Kenneth wrote:

Steele Road Station

"If you wish to give Wendy my email address I can give her information and a picture of Steele Road station 1905 amongst others."

Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  June 6, 2014

Thanks Kenneth

I've now passed on your message above to Wendy

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 6, 2014


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